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You're not alone out there.

Whether you are a boer farming on 600ha or a small, independent organic grower, a church, school or neighbourhood food club or feeding scheme, or just looking for healthier and cheaper food for your own family, YOU are the Open Food Network!

As a non-profit organisation we simply want to create a better and more robust food system for South Africa, and give you the right tools to make your job as easy as possible. We also believe that wealth should be created from the ground up by farmers and food producers, and that the wealth should be shared by all, not just the corporate and government elites. See our pricing page for our BIG IDEA on how to create wealth for everyone from food.

Meanwhile, please contact info[at] for any further assistance.

We welcome all other volunteers and support of any kind

A new, fairer and more robust food system requires everyone to play their role...

  • The farmer should earn more for his produce as fewer marketing and produce agents, and other middle-men are taking their cut;
  • But the farmer needs to be sure of delivery volumes and that's why its vital to network with hubs and shops on order cycles;
  • Schools and church groups can also become delivery and collection points and register as hubs on the OFN, with our software helping to organise things;
  • Buyers too should pay less because no large corporate will be making 100% mark-up and covering everything in plastic and preservatives;
  • Local delivery agents can probably also make a little money too as they provide a delivery service from hubs to households;
  • Community enterprises can arise, from mini-millers supplying artisanal bread and pizza makers, to kombucha and apple cider fermenters, to essential oil distillers and a range of other food and product producers;
  • To complete the circular economy, composters can even collect all food and garden waste from households to start supplying compost and super-soils back to the farmer;
  • Everything is possible when people work together for self-sufficiency and sovereignty;

Meanwhile, please access our global guides and resources below

Note that the below links are hosted by the Open Food Network UK and Australia but the software is the same in all countries...

5 Step Setup

Set up your OFN food store in 5 quick and simple steps

Global User Guide

Reference for ‘everything and anything OFN’